Natalia "Naty" Vidal

Played by Alba Rico. Ludmila's right hand, although sometimes she is more like her pet. Naty is pretty! She lives for fashion and looks down on the other students. Deep down, she's a very insecure girl who thinks that the only way to success is to belong to the 'cool' crowd.

She's a good dancer and singer, but Ludmila doesn't let her shine as much as she could. Naty knows that Ludmila could betray her for her own benefit, although that's something she would never do. Yet, she stays with Ludmila because she believes that being next to her will help her achieve popularity. Later in season 1 she develops feelings for Maxi and vice versa. They do become a couple in the second season.

Violetta 2 - Naty Canta Ven y Canta01:16

Violetta 2 - Naty Canta Ven y Canta

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