Herman Castillo

Played by Diego Ramos. Violetta's dad. He's a brilliant engineer who owns an international building company, commissioned with large-scale public and private building projects. He is intelligent and strict. Since his wife's death, he's been overprotective of his daughter but, behind his inflexibility there lies a big heart.

Herman has a girlfriend called Jade, who he considers to be a good influence for his daughter. However, when Angie, the new governess for Violetta, arrives, he feels confused and, even though he doesn't want to admit it, he endsup falling in love with her.


Video GalleryEdit

Violetta Germán canta y toca el piano (Ep 62 Temp 2)01:18

Violetta Germán canta y toca el piano (Ep 62 Temp 2)

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