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We have created this wiki for fun and entertainment, but there are certain rules that must be followed all around the Disney Social Wiki by all of the users, so we can keep this wiki a nice and friendly place for every Disney lover! Please review the following rules carefully; and if you need some help, feel free to contact an admin.

Editing PoliciesEdit

  • Don't make useless pages.
  • If you are making a page, you must ask the admins first.
  • If you're copying content from Wikipedia, make sure the layout doesn't contain "CONTENTS" or "EDIT" in the middle of the it.

Chat PoliciesEdit

  • Don't be rude with other people.
  • Don't tell users lies, the admins will investigate about them.
  • Don't bully other users.

Account PoliciesEdit

  • Don't make any sockpuppet account, but if you do, you can only make one and we would recommend to use it as a bot/backup account.

If any of these rules are broke, you get 1 reminder. If you do it 3 times, you get 3 reminders and a warning. If you do it 6 times, you will be blocked for 3 weeks, and if you continue doing it, you will get longer blocks.

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