Angeles "Angie" CarraraEdit

Played by Clara Alonso. Lively, fun, charismatic, fond of music and art... Angie is a free spirit who shines wherever she goes. She is the stepsister of Herman's deceased wife, but Violetta does not know that Angie is her aunt. After her mother's death, Angie made, to no avail, several attempts to get in touch with her niece. So, when Violetta returns to Buenos Aires, Angie pretends to be the new governess so that she can be near her.

Angie also teaches singing and will guide Violetta through her vocational path at 'Studio 21', behind Herman's back. Angie will defend her niece against anyone, but she will never admit to being attracted to Herman.There is a rumor that she and herman will get married. She is heartboken when Pablo falls for another girl in Violetta 2.

Violetta Angie canta ¨Algo Se Enciende¨ (Ep 46 Temp 2)00:40

Violetta Angie canta ¨Algo Se Enciende¨ (Ep 46 Temp 2)

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