Love And Music

Hey guys! , Welcome to my Userpage!


I am a writer/Singer/Designer

I have written fanfics about Leonetta ( Violently though )

I realllly hate the show Mako Mermaids

I love the show "Violetta"

My Twitter Bestfriend is Amelia79

My Wikia bestfriend is COOLOMAR4U (even though we fight ALOT)


Wikia bestfriends:

Amelia79: My Twitter bestfriend! , AN AMAZING ADMIN ALSO!

DJCandence ThePenguin: We always roleplay together , We are roleplay addicts!

Pinky Promise.Gif

COOLOMAR4U: My Wikia bestfriend , Even though we fight ;P

Leonetta4ever: An amazing friend! , We always talk to eachother


Me , Myself and I!


- My name is Rania

-I currently live in Africa

-I hate the show Mako mermaids

- I believe in Ghosts.

- I am a Tinista , Smiler , Ruggista , Comellista

- I am very similar to Trish ( Austin and Ally ) and Francesca Caviglia (Violetta)


Hope you guys like it :)

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